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reject sip/h323 calls by IP?

i have a few sip/h323 providers. I have also enabled sip/h323 on my as5400xm(this is for my asterisk server). Since i'm using these providers, i have to put their IP in my access-list. my concern is, since my gateway is accepting sip/h323 calls. what...

SIP Phones (Polycom) registration on CME as SRST

Is there any command to put all the phones at once. Right now i have to put following command for the registration of single phone.voice register dn  2 number 2211 name test!voice register pool  2 id mac 0004.F225.A45E number 1 dn 2 cor incoming user...

techguy by Enthusiast
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Resolved! Cisco AS5400HPX crash when load new IOS

Dear All,Anyone can help me while now i have some problem as below detail.1. I have upgraded new IOS c5400-is-mz.124-15.T15.bin to my AS 5400HPX and after reload i cannot ping to its IP.anyway i have reset to default factory and after reload router c...


I have a SIP gateway that has mulitiple customers on it that points all calls to the CSPS. I am collecting CDR for the calls from the CSPS. The question is how do I differentiate customers in the CDR?

Resolved! SIP-to-SIP T.38 on only one call leg

We are designing a solution to do faxing over a SIP trunk however we have learned from the provider that their SIP switch does not support T.38.  Would it be possible to terminate the SIP trunk from the provider on a Cisco gateway (2911) and form ano...

budmiller by Beginner
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Resolved! H.245 Tunnelling

Hi,I would like to know if there's the possibility to activate on dial-peer basis H.245 Tunneling because on global config the tunnelling is disable.How can do that?ThanksBest regardsPaolo

2811 Multiple SIP usernames

Hi All,Appologies if this is posted in the wrong area, be kind this is my first post.I run a business from home and have a 2811 managing our Internet and phone system (CCME).I have 2 VOIP accounts with Engin.com.au and have been trying to get both ac...

IP Phone Security Issues

I am in the process of implementing security features (with regards to authentication) for all Cisco IP Phones running SCCP in my organization.Can the Security features to be employed satisfies the following authentication criteria:·         Minimum ...

ofranklyn by Beginner
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What am I doing wrong?

Hi Experts:I am trying to configure a Cisco 3845 PVDMs and DSP resources are not showing up. Can some one pls helep me?==========================SWFC-DCBB-VG02#sh inventNAME: "3845 chassis", DESCR: "3845 chassis"PID: CISCO3845         , VID: V05 , SN...

vetharuban by Beginner
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