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Called party located in the VoIP network released the call


Do you have any thoughts as per subject above?

One guy told me that we might be running into a bug here. The bug-Id is: CSCdt60512.

I can not find this in the BUG TOOLKIT. Can we able to patch this?

I need your assistance to look into this matter.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


CSCdt60512. is a Duplicate of CSCdt28344.

Sysptomps and Workaround.

On The Cisco Media Gateway Controller Software Release 7.4(11) if a a Q931

progress message is received in response to a Q931 setup message on the NI2

interface between the SC2200 and a naspath, the T310 timer on the SC2200 will not

be stopped an may expire resulting in a call failure. The T310 timer will be

stopped if the response to the Q931 setup message is an alert message. The work

around is to force the AS5300 gateway to send an alert message instead of a

progress message with global cli command 'voice call send-alert'.

We have already configure 'voice call send-alert' since this problem exist. For your information, our voip facility is for origination of pre paid cards. POTS --> channel bank --> E1 --> AS5300 --> Sysmaster Gatekeeper.

The call is disconnected in the middle of conversation. And sometimes eventhough you hang up the phone in the otherside still the call is engaged. A result of unhappy customers because the account is draining or still charging where no actual connectivity was took place.

Do you have any thoughts on this?

To chennupati:

do you mean you have analog RJ-11 phone lines converted into an E1 at the channel bank?

Then the problem is very well known - the channel bank must be configured for answer/disconnect supervision. If you do not do that - false charging can occur:

1. charging the customer on ringing (without conversation established)

2. charging after the customer has hung up.

Your problem is 10000000% NOT Cisco related.

What channel bank are you using? Pleiades?

Exactly! Item 1 and 2 is definitely correct. This is the issue and headache I am facing now.

I am using ORION CHANNEL BANK model VCL-CB-INT is an intelligent e1 channel bank that provides that provides metering function using VAD to provide voice activated answer and disconnect supervision. However due to its limited configuration parameters I can play around about the supervision features.

If you dont mind I can forward to your email their manuals.

Yes, do it at

Also, you may go to Quintum's website and check their answer & disconnect supervision document. You will understand (in general) a lot of information about this problem.

I've been using quintum gateway for more than 3years now. I dont see any problems with this gateway. We used cisco AS5300 for the reason we want to satisfied our customers for VOICE QUALITY however the service regarding charging is suffering. I already forwarded the manuals to your email as stated above.

Please check.

Increase the "answer timeout" to a large value, at least 120 seconds. This must make the things better. However it shall help only with answer supervision.

The board is really too poor on configurable settings =)

The above with the quality (Quintum / Cisco) - I would take it as a joke :)

Any thoughts regarding the channel bank manual I send you in your email?

About "answer timeout" I can not find this in my voice port gateway. so setup this command?

Please advise.

This setting is to be set on the channel bank, not on the gateway.

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