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CUBE SP - Through Registration / Delegate Registration

We currently have an ASR1k we want to deploy CUBE SP on.  I've been reading but I only have experience with standard CUBE and this configuration is totally different.

Before I get ahead of myself with trying to configure a test setup, here is what I want to achieve:

  • We run two separate SIP platforms, one provides SIP trunking only and the other provides hosted PBX functionality. One of my goals is to have all customers register to the ASR and from there I can point them towards the trunking platform or hosted PBX platform depending on what they are subscribed to.
  • Both platforms require SIP registration. One of my goals is to allow us to offer trusted IP trunks for customers whose on premise PBX's cannot register or have issues registering. For various reasons to do with billing/credit limits/fraud prevention we can't remove this requirement on the platforms directly.  The configuration guide for CUBE SP seems to suggest can do delegate registrations whereby the end customer can just point their PBX at the IP of the CUBE SP, and CUBE SP will handle registration on their behalf.  It doesn't seem to say where one provides the credentials for each registration though.  Have I misunderstood this feature?
  • For passthrough registration the configuration guide seems to suggest I need to create an SBE profile for every customer.  Can I just create two global profiles tied to loopback interfaces so all customers on a SIP trunk register to the first loopback/SBE profile and all customers on hosted PBX register to the second loopback/SBE profile?  All these ones would be using passthrough registration.  I'd create specific profiles as required for special cases where a customer cannot support SIP registration.

Am I on the right track?

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