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G723 Compatibility


Has anyone experience using the G723 Codecs on AS5350 ??? , I am using the AS5350 as a H323 Gateway, and another vendors GW , When I specify g723r53 or g723r63, and setup the same CODECs on the other GW , the call fails, If I use G723 on other GW , the call works, seems as if the G723ar53/63 is really G723 ??

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you could run an H.245 debug at the Cisco and see in the TCS messages what kind of codecs (+payload) advertise the Cisco and what kind - the remote gateway :)

It is true that G723r63 is not the same as G723ar63.

Thanks Teo,

Will run debug and post up.

On question about G723 ,They are different, This is printout from AS5350 , Rev. is 12.2

cnibhco112(config)#voice cl codec 100

cnibhco112(config-class)#cod pr

cnibhco112(config-class)#cod preference 1 ?

clear-channel Clear Channel 64000 bps

g711alaw G.711 A Law 64000 bps

g711ulaw G.711 u Law 64000 bps

g723ar53 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 5300 bps

g723ar63 G.723.1 ANNEX-A 6300 bps

g723r53 G.723.1 5300 bps

g723r63 G.723.1 6300 bps

g726r16 G.726 16000 bps

g726r24 G.726 24000 bps

g726r32 G.726 32000 bps

g729br8 G.729 ANNEX-B 8000 bps

g729r8 G.729 8000 bps

gsmfr GSMFR 13200 bps

cnibhco112(config-class)#cod preference 1

This is the scenario , a call is routed from Ericsson GW , to Cisco GW , and onto another Ericsson GW.

This is DEBUG Traces , I have also performed ETHEREAL Traces ....

The situation is the GWs operate if the G723.1 Codec is in VOICE CLASS CODEC, I believe the G723AR63 on the Cisco is downwardly compatible to G723, and this is why if Ericsson GW has G723.1 in VOICE CLASS , the call works.

But if all GWs have G723ar63 / 53 , There seems to be compatibility issues with CODEC, The CISCO thionks the call is G723 , and forwards to Ericsson with G723AR63 only , and call fails.

Anyone have experience with these problems , and how to troubleshoot.

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