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How to configure IVR over VoIP Dialpeer?



I have a scanerio where I need some help. I got my VoIP Network setup and it is working. I would like to add a new service to provide IVR service

Currently my IVR is working as follow

Network Diagram:

PSTN ---> c3640gw ----> Internet

dial-peer voice 416 pots

application prepaid (IVR portion)

destination-pattern 416.......

port 1/0:23

prefix 416

Now I want to have a network as follow

PSTN1 --->3640---Internet----H323-device---PSTN2

IVR is configured on Cisco 3640. I want to configure so that if people calls from PSTN2 and press 9, calls will be forwarded to Cisco 3640 via Internet. How do I then send an IVR signal back to the user to PSTN2?

H323Device does not does not do any authentication no radius. Just for Termination. I can make calls from PSTN2 to PSTN1 no problem via VoIP. But before people from PSTN2 is allowed to call PSTN1, I want them to enter PIN#.

Is this possible? If so is there any sample configuration that will allow me.

NOTE: H323Device won't do any other codec then G.723.1 63Kbps.


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You can configure the application under a voip dial peer and you can force the inbound call to be macthe don the voip dial peer by doing an incoming called-number .

However remember that if you are going to play any audio files, they need to be encoded in the same codec as the call, in your case g723

Hi. I found this very interesting. I should configure my GW in the following way:

dial-peer voice 900 voip

description VOIP_IVR

application my_app

incoming called-number 56123

I supouse that I can't use the same TCL of pots peer. Can you give me an example of a tcl for a voip peer?

You can use the same applicaiton on the pots o on the voip peer. Only catch is if its on the voip peer, the audio files need to be encoded in the same format as the codec of the call.

Thusain, I tried with a TCL used in the pots peer and I get the following error:

App session_voiss_voip, callID 330 Error: can play prompt only on telephony call legs

I use in TCL the command:

set event [playPrompt prompt info]

It seems that playPrompt can't be used in voip legs. Do you know which command should I use instead of playPrompt.


I answered myself. here is the info if any of you also need this.

You Must use TCL 2.0 and use "media play" command.

Hi Miguel

sorry but I don't understand how to use "media play" command, is it necessary to modify the script?

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