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MGW error logs for Cpu utlization


Dear All

We are using Cisco AS5400 as mgw, we often found during call peak hrs thsi mgw's showing error logs for cpu utlization. I have following questions in regards to thsi error.

1. why this error logs comes?

2. where & what we need to chcek? any hardware or IOS issue?

3. main and important thing whether during such error logs there is load on MGW and due to over cpu utlization call which attempt on MGW may failed? if yesy its failed with MGW end or failed from source end as abondan? or else if MGW disconnect then what is ISDN casue code.

we are using PGW in signalling or nailed mode.

Please help me with this



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How many concurrent calls during peak hours on 5400?

Do you use radius AAA for incoming calls?

what version of IOS are you use?

please post the output of command:

show proc cpu sorted | excl 0.00


This error logs shows the CPU Utilization on your MGW and your CPU Utilization may peak during the busy hours of traffic in your network due to high number of calls hitting your MGW.  This is quite normal due to high number of calls flowing on your MGW and CPU exceeds, but ensure your MGW E1 capacity based on your Traffic in the network so that your CPU should not exceed the limit or else it may cause the call failure.



Thanks to both of you

Here is log for Cpu utilization status during peak time as we see this error logs during peak time only

show proc cpu sorted | excl 0.00
CPU utilization for five seconds: 78%/36%; one minute: 73%; five minutes: 70


ID Runtime(ms)   Invoked      uSecs   5Sec   1Min   5Min TTY Process
 216   646931668 841788064        768 10.40%  9.81%  9.32%   0 CCH323_CT
 211   723978128-1124958350          0  5.48%  5.51%  5.36%   0 VOIP_RTCP
  77   437021944-2113488726          0  4.91%  4.60%  4.53%   0 IP Input
  63   368724284 712553243        517  3.93%  3.96%  3.69%   0 ISDN
 207   226701532 790289944        286  3.52%  2.89%  2.68%   0 VTSP
  61      262232    529665        495  2.03%  2.16%  1.04%   0 AFW_application_
 206   319808168-1186847347          0  2.62%  2.27%  2.16%   0 DSMP
 233       37460     57790        648  1.63%  1.10%  0.02%   0 AFW_application_
   3      293876    595003        493  1.63%  2.38%  2.06%   0 AFW_application_
 205    70108356 455758882        153  1.06%  0.72%  0.74%   0 Resource Monitor
 245   129219428 972383769        132  0.90%  0.93%  0.01%   0 ISDN L2 Process
 208    43246508 321780241        134  0.57%  0.38%  0.37%   0 TSP
   4    35595820 258014603        137  0.57%  0.32%  0.32%   0 EDDRI_MAIN
  37   162961592  35154923       4635  0.40%  0.53%  0.56%   0 Per-Second Jobs
 200    33113344 140290609        236  0.32%  0.56%  0.53%   0 CC-API_VCM
 198    35068732   7031070       4987  0.16%  0.13%  0.13%   0 Compute load avg
 175    15677516 144379255        108  0.16%  0.08%  0.08%   0 AAA SEND STOP EV
  33    16841100  32895103        511  0.16%  0.07%  0.06%   0 Net Background
  92     6052176 398473472         15  0.08%  0.04%  0.02%   0 RUDP Main Proces

On this MGW we have full E1 means 16 E1s & total calls we observed during this is around 458 to 482 active callslls.

our MGW IOS is 12.4(22) & we are not using Radius AAA.


Can you tell me i can see few logs like callid rejected. means at that time that call rejected within MGW. so such failed call failed as what Abondon or what is ISDN cause code?

Please help me with this



Here is a document which help you to control your CPU Utilization to the Max. threshold level depending upon the your network peak usage and prevents the Gateway failure.

You can configure the Call treatment in your Voice gateway to keep the CPU utilization within specified threshold level..

For the call failure, I hope you are looking for ISDN cause code in MGW.  you can findout the Cause code values for ISDN to identify the type of network failure, the below link helps.  Revert if you need any further information related to cause code failure value.

Pl rate if the document helps. Thanks.

Dear manpeers

Thanks for your helps, but i can not access the links which you provided for ISDN codes. Can you help me more for that.

You other documenst is excellent.

Can you also tell me if i wish to chcek why called failed with help of MGW or PGW is this possible?

Any logs genrated by these 2 g/ws? I dont require PGW CDRS or Radius logs any otehr way we can check to failure of reasons,


Hi Amit

You can check the call failure reasons in both PGW and MGW level. This will help you to isolate the problem in each level and identify the failure reason. Here is a document which i created based on the discussion which will help you to troubleshoot the call failures.

Apart from the Radius CDR, the you can check the failure reason is using debug on MGW and snoop caputres on MGW.

Also attached the ISDN Cause code and failure reason in the same document.. Pl rate the documents if it is helpful..


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