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New Core Switches

In my Design,Currently I am using single VSS of 4506-E with Ws-X45-SUP7-E Card at Distribution layer which is handling Traffic 69 access switches so Please let me know

1. Whether I should use 4506-E with Ws-X45-SUP7-E Card @ cORE layer also

and I am going to use ospf between Distribution & Core so it is good pratice to use 3850 switches at core as Core has to handle only LAN routing traffic or I should use same 4506 switch at core also please guide

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Re: New Core Switches

Which thread you like us to follow for your question, this is 3rd post we see you asking same question.


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Re: Core layer

45XX going to end of life soon or later. so consider Catalyst 9500 as core (or wait for Cisco coming 9600 news in the market for Core with chasis)


Nexus is good, but i belive it is over engineering on the Campuse Lan network.


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Re: Core layer



I would tend to look for a smaller platform if you can support it. Depending upon how many distribution switch pairs you have, the Catalyst 9500 series might be more appropriate than the 3850 and could give you a future upgrade path to 40/100G. You might even consider the Nexus 9300 series. (I am a big fan of the N9336C-FX2)


I would tend to move away from chassis switches for core because of the issues surrounding single card failures. Chassis switches also tend to have higher latency for card-to-card forwarding. Finally, (personal opinion) I would not use VSS for core switches. I don't see that it gains you anything on a pure L3 devices.


Hope this helps.




Re: core switching



Do you have a baseline on performance that you would achieve?

Maybe you can use also a couple of 4500-X...


The Cisco Catalyst 4500-X Series offers key innovations, including:

●   Platform Scalability: Delivers up-to 800 Gbps of switching capacity, capable of scaling up to 1.6-Tbps capacity with the VSStechnology. Future-proof investment with modular uplink and auto-detect 10 Gigabit Ethernet and 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

●   High Availability: Delivers the network availability demanded by business-critical enterprise applications through comprehensive high-availability capabilities, including VSS and EVN. Furthermore, innovative features such as redundant hot swappable fans and power supplies with AC to DC, and DC to AC failover remove single point of failure in network.

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Re: core switching

For Core, I recommend the 6800 series (6807) or 4506 with Sup-9e.

For core, you need a stable platform and the 3850 series is not designed for that layer.


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