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%NP-3-NAKRSP: NAK Response Received


Hey guys, Thanks for taking the time to read this post. I wanted to put this out here and see what kind of feedback/help/assistance I could get.  I'm a Network Admin at my company and pretty much in charge of anything Routing/Switching related. However, my boss had me look into what appears to be a VoIP issue.  I've posted the error from our Cisco AS5850 below for you to look at.  Now, everything I've found online through Cisco docs, other websites, etc., just states that this occurs when a call fails or is disconnected and that there is no work around. What I'm not able to fully grasp here is whats causing this to happen and if there has been a work around created since those docs where compiled.  If this is something that nothing can be done about, can anyone put this into perspective for me so that I know how impacting this may be or if its something that I should really not worry about. Thanks in advance!

%NP-3-NAKRSP: NAK Response Received - command 0xF201, result code 0x800E, msg id 0xF2FF, session id 0x11B, msg tag 0x0, slot/port 5/283
Nov  2 16:37:46.546 GMT:   1y16w   : Module Trace Event:
Nov  2 16:37:46.546 GMT:      Module     : 5/2/1
Nov  2 16:37:46.546 GMT:      Trace Event: 0x7
Nov  2 16:37:46.546 GMT:      Data Format: ASCII
Nov  2 16:37:46.546 GMT:      Data Len   : 110
Nov  2 16:37:46.546 GMT:      Data       : EST:INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE Session_ID: 0x011b Message_ID: 0xf201 Serv
ice: 0x16000000 ID: 0x0002 Value: 0x0400
Nov  2 16:37:46.546 GMT: %NP_EST-6-CTRL_NAK_RSP: (NP address 5/2/1/255), Msg ID=0xF201, Result=INVALID_PARAMETER_VALUE, Data format=Binary, Data len=20, Data=00 05 01 1B 00 00 F2 01 00 02 00 00 00 02 04 00 00 02 06 00
Nov  2 16:38:57.908 GMT: %NP-3-NAKRSP: NAK Response Received - command 0xF201, result code 0x800E, msg id 0xF2FF, session id 0x63, msg tag 0x0, slot/port 0/99


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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi, lee

Please open a TAC SR against the issue since we need more information to look through this issue.


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