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PGW 2200 events alerts (auto) alerts over email

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Dear All

Can anybody have idea to how we can receive email alerts in details for the following,

1.PGW different alrams like any ss7 link .c7 link down or have continous fluctuations,ip link down

2.any cics are down or in diffrent state from cic number 1 to cic number 10 with resp. ss7 path

3.Time wise data for call and cps status

4.Call complete or failed fr last 15 mins or 1 hrs or 1 day or 7 days

5 PGW disk space or memory space alerts

6. PGW mcl status with cps

All this require over email if any event is occurs or cross any threshold for real time monitoring purpose. Here  dont want graph wise , only email alert with details is require.

I read cacti, but it more than what i want, i want simple alerts over email & easy to integrate with PGW.

Same time is this burden any load? on PGW & affect MGCP application?

Please help me with helpful informations,.



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Zhiping Cai
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Amit,

Hope the general ideas below help a bit.

1, Most of the alarms, events or data you mentioned can be retrieved via PGW mml commands.

    So on unix system you can write scripts to get the deta, then once it matches the specific criteria, send it via email which i think is a built-in function in unix;

2, use tools to receive SNMP trap from PGW

    Once the tool receive SNMP trap, it can send email alerts out.

    Some tool, such as SNM - System and Network Monitor (,

    Unbrowse SNMP R.1.6 (

    However you still have a lot of work to do..



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