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PGW2200 Called pty status modification in ACM


   I'm using Cisco PGW2200 solution ver.9.4.1 in nailed mode. When i got IAM, PGW sending Address Complete Message which contains such parameter as "Called party status". By default MGC setting  this parameter to "0 no_indication_default". here is example:

********************************** DETAIL **********************************
CIC                            10
MESSAGE TYPE                   0x06 ACM - Address_Complete_Msg
BACKWARD CALL IND              0x11
LENGTH:                        0x02 FIXED DATA 0x02 0x14
CHARGE IND                     2 charge
CALLED PTYS STATUS IND         0 no_indication_default
CALLED PARTYS CATEGORY         0 no_indication_default
END-TO-END METHOD IND          0 no_end_to_end_method_available
INTERWORKING IND               0 no_interworking_encountered
END-TO-END INFO IND            0 no_end_to_end_information_available
ISUP IND.                      1 ISUP_used_all_the_way
REVERSE HOLDING IND            0 reverse_holding_not_required
ISDN ACCESS IND.               1 terminating_access_ISDN

How can i change this parameter to "1 subscriber_free"?

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

If you are using a nailed PGW this means that the GW is not sending you an alerting. Normally ACM = alerting in SS7. If the ACM does not have indication then it is typically followed by a CPG messages once the laert message is received from the gateway. Normally you would not want to have something like this hardcoded as you would be cutting the audio path open in both directions even if there was not audio to play.

I agree with you, but my SS7 partner wants to get  ACM with "Subscriber free" or CPG message with the same parameter.

what i can tune on the media gateway (Cisco AS5350)  for sending CPG message after ACM?

If i change the mode of PGW from Nailed to Switched, does it gives me ability to change ACM?

I have listed some other options for you to try, but be warned that they  may cause some complications to the customer down the road.
Try any of the following solutions:

1. Configure the Cisco IOS global configuration command voice call  send-alert in the terminating gateway/router. This command enables the  terminating gateway to send an alert message instead of a progress  message after it receives a call setup.

2. If the previous solution does not work, configure the terminating  gateway to send a PI = 8 in the Alert message by configuring the command  progress_ind alert enable 8 under the voice dial-peer # pots  configuration. This command overrides PI value received in ISDN alert  message and causes the router to cut through the audio path back towards  the calling party prior to connect.

Note: The progress_ind alert and the progress_ind setup commands  are hidden in some versions of Cisco IOS Software and may not be visible  within the help parser. However, if the progress_ind progress command  is available in the help parser, the above commands will also be  available and can be entered into the dial peer in their entirety. These  commands will subsequently appear in the running configuration.

good luck

Neither Voice Call send-alert nor the progress indicator commands on the TGW (AS5850 w/

c5850tb-k9p9-mz.124-25e.bin) seem to be working for me as my SIP customers do not hear ringback. What else can we try?


Solution found!

Just change two parameters in  /opt/CiscoMGC/etc/XECfgParm.dat

*.ClearingLocation = 7            # 0 = Normal mapping behaviour, LCM will not override the Clearing Location field in Call Context

*.DefaultLocation = 7             # 0 = Normal protocol defined default value, LCM will not override the Default Location field in Call Context

Default is 0

set to 7

In this case PGW will always send ACM with Called partys status indicator =

Subscriber free

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