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srst vm unity cfwd general greeting

I have a srst working fine when consult vm via pstn but when cfwd is on phone the caller hear general greeting not user mail box. I have configured the rnis on remote gw, and on central gw. I ran a debugs on central gw (isdn q931) and I saw that it's received the called number es vm pilot, the redirect number is ext dialed. but the unity call-viewer still receive like direct call to vm pilot. this same user can hear his greeting when he press message button on srst. the e1 is isdn mgcp any ideas?


I made some test and I notice that if onther extenension same location srst and if he call to the ext that have frw to vm. this work fine. but the problem is when external call him. he hear the general greeting. so I made another test. not fwd to vm better forwarding the srst ext to a ext on ccm central site(dialing trought pstn sure). and I notice when the another srst ext call to srst ext fwd the display show fwd information but when the external phone call, the display show direct call not fwd. and on gw central appear be fine. because display the calling, called and redirect fine as same as srst ext. so. that seem that is something on ccm parameters. anyideas?



In CUCM look at Service Parameter Configuration -> Cisco CallManager:

Display Original Calling Number on Transfer from Cisco Unity:

This parameter determines whether Cisco CallManager displays the original calling party number for calls that are transferred from the Cisco Unity voice messaging system. Valid values specify True (display the original calling number when a call is transferred from a Unity voice messaging port) or False (display the number of the Unity voice messaging port through which the call was transferred).

This is a required field.

Default: False

Maybee you need til use H.323 as gw.


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