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voice translation-profile in AS5400XM

Level 1
Level 1

Dear All,

I have try to set 2 translate called in 1 translation-profile but it won't accept while it get only 1 line.

Anyway the maximum sequence of rule in voice translation-rule was only 15 sequence.

and i have remain only 1 sequence more in my translation-rule while 14 sequences already set up, and i want to block call if i dial with less than 8 digit( any digit )

can you help me on this solution?

Here is my translation-profile.

voice translation-profile 151681
translate called 151681

voice translation-rule 151681
rule 1 reject /^007123/
rule 2 reject /^007234/
rule 3 reject /^00788[1-2]/
rule 4 reject /^0070/
rule 5 reject /^00799/
rule 6 reject /^007879/
rule 7 reject /^00787/
rule 8 reject /^007672/
rule 9 reject /^00768[0-3]/
rule 10 reject /^0072639/
rule 11 reject /^007670/
rule 12 reject /^0070+811/
rule 13 reject /^007823/
rule 14 reject /^00744[7-9]/

Best regards,


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Steven Holl
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


You are at a limitation of the current translation profiles.  The amount of lines in a translation rule are slated for being increased to 99 in an upcoming IOS release.  I think it's supposed to make it into 15.1(4)M.

Dear Steven,

Thanks for your response, but i still remain 1 more live at sequence No.15, So any tricks for blocking any number with 2 digit or 3 digit or 4 digits or less than 8 digits in one line?

Thanks and Regards,