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VoIP Solutions


Hi All,

We are planning to have a VOIP solution in our organization with in coming months. We have 4 offices. Each office has E1 links between them. Our HQ has Cisco 3745 series router with 12.3 IOS running and other location has Cisco 3725 series router with 12.3 IOS.

I have some doubts, can any one help me.

1) Do I require any new hardware? If yes please specify.

2) Does my IOS support VOIP?

3) Is there any extra cost involved?

4) Can I use soft phone?




At all locations you probably have a PBX or Keysystem to support local office phones as well as the HQ site. Depending on the available interfaces on the PBX you would need hardware on the gateway so you can connect your 37xx routers to it. Normally connections are made through EM, FXS, FXO or T1 digital cards. These are VIC cards and you would need NM modules as well. For T1 you would need NM-HDV and VWIC T1 cards.

Your IOS does support the voip so you should not have any problem configuring voip.

Cost will be related to the hw that you would need to integrate your PBXs to the routers.

IP Softphone would need CiscoCallManager(CCM). Since you did not mention that you are expecting to install IP Phones at locations the above mentioned recommendations are tradition voip. If you are planning for IP Telephony support then you will have to look into:

CCM Server


IP Phones

And this will allow you to support softphone.

I hope that helps.


Hi Javed,

Our company needs a VoIP solution for 10 callers to make calls over the Internet. What Cisco model should we buy to connect to current Panasonic PBX ? should we need same model on each site ? Thank you very much.


if my PBX is digital, for NM-HDV and NM-1cu1u, which one is better? why?


I am trying the similar solution. If i was to implement a PRI instead of a T1 what NM-HDV module would i nee and will my VWIC MFT work with the module to create a PRI. Could you be specific in part number


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