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2 Stage Dialing on CME

Paul Dicine
Level 1
Level 1


Looking for a way to do (Basically Toll Fraud) for a customer.

They are looking to dial into their UC560 and get prsented with dialtone to then make a call out of the UC560. I see MANY ways to prevent this but any way i try seems to not work.

1) Does anyone have a way (Config example would be nice) to make this work?

2) Does this feature have a name that I don't know about?

Any help is appreciated


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Paul Norris
Level 1
Level 1

You could do this using the Auto Attendant in CUE.

Dial into CUE with dial in number and have extension transfer setup.

Within the script allow enough digits for ( extension transfer ) ie in the U 01903 777777 11 digits, and then you can dial out to any number as long as their is a dial peer matching the outbound number.

This is not a secure method though

Hey Paul,

Thanks for replying.

What script are you speaking of? Extension transfer? I already tried through the AA and have appropriate dial peers setup.

Any elaboration is appreciated.



Log into CUE GUI

Scripts are located in system / scripts ( upload as necessary )
Script parameters are controlled in voicemail auto attendant
By default Cisco CUE has a default script with enable external transfers set to false. If you enable this you will be able to make external calls. Provided dial peers are correct.

Script design and modification will not be elaborated on as this is a specific and complex subject issue. However the default script will do what do what you need unless it has been edited.

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