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504g Pick Up Ring Group

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We recently purchased 15 504g phones with 500s attendant consoles.  We have a Ring Group (extention 300) which rings the sales phones (5 extentions) when an outside call comes in.  I would like to be able to answer that group should someone be in another department after hours or when no-one is in the sales group desks.

I googled for Line Pickup and found that there are many "?dot asterix?" values to use, but when I look at my phone setting, under "Regional/CallPickupCode" it has "36".  When I attempt to program one of the attendant console buttons to "pick up group 300"-nothing happens.  If I play around with the "ext=" field, I do occasionally get an "invalid extension" message on the display.

I doing what the manual says for the example "Harry wants line button #4 to display red when Donna is on the line and to be able to pick up her call if she does not answer".

I also found some google text that said the feature was dependent on the SIP B implementation by the vendor (I don't have a clue what that means).  Our vendor is Cbeyond and no-one at their technical support team has enough experience with this model phone to understand what I am asking to do. 

Seems simple enough, program a button that answers an outside call that is ringing on RingGroup 300

I'm using (I think, I can't find the exact example again):

fnc=blf+cp;nme=Sales @ $PROXY; ext=300$PROXY

Can anyone help me understand what to do ?

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paolo bevilacqua
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Wrong forum, use "small business - SPA phones". You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.

I would love to move it to "a correct forum", epecially if the forum group you are suggesting actually exists.

When I select "MOVE" and type in the first few characters as requested by the form, it does not show what you described.  Please try your English conversion software again to give me correct instructions.




Ah ha.  I found the forum you suggested, under "SPA IP phones, Small Business Voice and Conferencing".


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Hi Tom,

Do you use Auto Provisioning to configure the SPA504G Phone? Does the Platform where you configure the Users also use 36 as Feature Access code for Call Pickup?

Kind Regards,

Richard Vernooij


Thanks for your reply.  I'm going to guess here and say "autoprovisioning-yes".  That is, there is no equipment at the office-just their router-and the phones connect to their server in the cloud (well, technically it goes through a DMZ port on our firewall so I have the office LAN traffic seperated from the VOIP traffic on its' own LAN/network equipment).

I'm just looking for a way to pick up the "300" ring group call from an extention not in that group.

I've asked their technical support how to "pick up a call ringing" and they said the phones are too new for them and they don't know how to answer my question.  The "36" code is what I found by googling and searching the (many) Cisco documents on this phone.  I browsed to the phone and looked at this configuration page and found the value there.  Allthough, it appears this is implemented with differing values.

This code is not assigned to any "soft key?" feature button, nor does it appear in the LCD screen as a scrollable option (like CFWD, DND, XFR).