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525G2 Firmware

Steven Howes
Level 1
Level 1


Has anybody found the firmware for this phone? I've been shipped some on 7.4.4, and I can't even find the bin for that version online. I've had a few hangs on the phone so I was hoping to upgrade, or at least re-flash with the current version. I can find 525 (non-G2) firmware but it appears to differ.

Thanks in advance.


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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Steve;

For any firmware above 7.4.4, they share images, so should use same firmware (latest is 7.4.6).




Upgrade fails if i try that (from 7.4.4 to 7.4.6). a 525 upgrades fine from same bin..

Syslog below:

14:39:38.884945  SYSLOG, length: 103

<134>SPA525G2 68:ef:bd:cc:a5:5c -- Requesting upgrade

14:39:38.885006  SYSLOG, length: 103

<134>SPA525G2 68:ef:bd:cc:a5:5c -- Requesting upgrade

14:39:38.885137  SYSLOG local3.debug, length: 33

<159>FMM >>>> Requesting upgrade

14:39:38.889887  SYSLOG local3.debug, length: 33

<159>content len (hdr) =10360320

14:39:38.917811  SYSLOG local3.debug, length: 29

<159>content len (pld) =5120

14:39:38.918540  SYSLOG, length: 67

<134>SPA525G2 68:ef:bd:cc:a5:5c -- Upgrade failed: fail code <109>

14:39:38.918616  SYSLOG, length: 67

<134>SPA525G2 68:ef:bd:cc:a5:5c -- Upgrade failed: fail code <109>

14:39:38.918762  SYSLOG local3.debug, length: 29

<159>FMM >>>> Failed upgrade

14:39:38.918977  SYSLOG local3.debug, length: 10


14:39:38.920567  SYSLOG local3.debug, length: 46

<159>FPRV >>>> failed upgrade . . . rebooting

14:39:38.920809  SYSLOG, length: 38

<134>request reboot type=2 reason=128

14:39:38.920876  SYSLOG, length: 38

<134>request reboot type=2 reason=128

Do a 'debug tftp events' and lets see what the phone is requesting.

I am thinking maybe the TYPE is built wrong in CCA?  Maybe?:


Sorry, not using tftp or CCA. I'm supplying an HTTP URL for the phone to download from (via provisioning). It is retrieving the file from the server - I can see a successful download in the HTTP logs.


Ideas anyone?...

Dear Sir;

Where did you obtain this phone? This may be a test unit as SPA525G2 units are shipping with 7.4.5. You need to perform a two step upgrade for this device.



It was received as part of a UC product trial, not purchased as normal.

I have followed these steps, the first image went on ok, after reboot the phone was very unstable, freezing very quickly. There was no way to load the second image via usual means. I ended up adding the image via the recovery 'press speaker button' feature from USB... Now the phone boots and then looks 'dead'. I have attached a video of what happens. Essentially it all lights up then all goes black. Pressing speaker button does nothing and the screen/buttons do nothing.

I do have *one* more of these I could try the procedure on - but I'm rather reluctant to break this one just yet!

Thank you for your assistance so far.


Did a tcpdump using a crossover cable, turned out it has given itself an address of (not any of my subnets, some kind of recovery mode?) and was requesting a file from over tftp (again, nothing to do with me). I set up TFTP on that server and gave it 7.4.6 and it took the file. (Although screen/lights were off the whole time).

Slightly rocky road, but it has worked for this phone. I'll try another...

What is needed to perform a two step upgrade for this device.

Patrick Born
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Steve,

I see you received good advice but your question was for the location of firmware.

It's at:

See page 6-7 of the reference doc for links to firmware & release notes....




You only need one reference document for all SPA phone firmware, information, and utilities.