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About BE3000 the DID function does not work

Level 1
Level 1

About BE3000 the DID function does not take effect what is it cause?

1.the ISP assigned to me 300 numbers,I config the Extension ID (0001) and External ID (204500001) under the of USER, but when i dialing out, it only display my switchboard number, do not display my External number.

2.If it calls from outside to External ID, it  can be properly connected but  the number which displayed  is not correct.

Can you help me.thanks!

BTW:my devices software version:8.6.4

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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

1. The caller id should be the one that is configured in external ID field in the user configuration page.

Looks like you have configured the correct External ID number. If that is not the callerid on the callee side, then it is possible that BE3K is sending the correct caller-id, but the SP is changing it to the main number, or BE3k is not sending the caller-id which is configured.

To isolate, we  require BE3K trace for one call.

2. Please explain how is the number not correct.


Dear Sanjay Sinha,

Thanks for your support!

External ID(0204500001)

Extension ID(0001)

Main number(020450000)

Mobile phone number(776369123)

trace call is from 0001 to 776369123

please see attachment thanks!


This trace is incomplete.

I would suggest to open a TAC case after capturing the traces as instructed by them.


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