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Adding 1 to all outgoing calls

Level 1
Level 1

I have recently set up a new SIP provider on a UC560 that requires all numbers be 11-digit numbers starting with a 1. Is there any good way to have an outgoing dial-peer to translate all numbers dialed without 1 to add a 1 and the same time if someone does add a 1 a to the number they are dialing that system will treat it normally?

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Mario Garcia
Level 3
Level 3

Via CLI you can in the dial-peer to prefix a 1

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Do you mind providing an example? Even sudo-code would be appreciated.

Mario Garcia
Level 3
Level 3

Basically gain access via CLI

Located the dial-peer, commands as follows when in enable mode

Conf t

Dial-peer voice XX pots

Prefix 1


"XX" is the dial peer number you want to edit.

Let me know if you need additional commands


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That's perfect. Thank you very much.

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