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after teleconfrence is over the lines aren't availiable

Mark Smith
Level 1
Level 1

I'm sure my terminology is wrong, sorry. So we have a uc540 with 2 pots lines. Sometimes someone will want to transfer a call to their cell phone or do a teleconference.

If a teleconference is started between two pots lines and one internal phone, and the internal phone is hung up first, even after the two lines hang up the lines are never made available to the system again. If you pick up an internal phone and try to make a call, it acts like there is no available line. If I call from outside the office it goes straight to our phone company voicemail (would probably be busy if it weren't for the voicemail subscription). The UC540 seems to never realize the two calls hung up when the callers are only talking to each other. And it's really hard to train the staff to make sure they're the last to hang up.

The same thing happens if a call is transferred to a cell phone. Call comes in right before 5. Boss wants to transfer it to his cell phone. He does so. Even after boss and caller both hang up, the lines are never back available for the uc540.


I can go to trunk status in CCA and reset the lines and the problem is solved. But that seems like a stupid way of doing it.

I also tested with my buttset in our phone closet. If I try to listen in when the UC540 is still holding onto the line, I just hear nothing and can't get a dialtone on that line untill I unplug the phone cord from the UC540. Then I can get a dialtone right away.

Is there any way to keep this from happening or to fix this?

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