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Anti Feedback Paging

Level 1
Level 1

Not sure if this is even possible to include in a future release, but an anti feedback option for paging would be excellent. There are third party systems to provide this anti feedback page feature, but none of them operate off the 3.5mm page out jack that is offered on the uc320. A built in feature would be a nice, neat approach to this problem.

Just to be clear, the anti feedback feature allows for a person to press the page button, record their page after a short tone and hang up the phone. The page then is played either once or twice over the PA system. It really helps elminates feedback from internal overhead page speakers.

It would be a great addition to many companies who try to page with overhead speakers.

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Hi Ryan,

Thanks for the request.  Request has been noted.  It seems like you could find an adapter or two at your local electronics store to find the connectivity you need from one of these devices to the 3.5mm jack.