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Assign a Call Blast Group unique ringtone


I've seen some references to this on the net and in the forums but no definitive answer. Is is possible to associate a call going to a call blast group with a specific ringtone? A workable solution would be to assign it to the blast group centrally or assign it at the handsets themselves.

If this is not possible, anyone know how to submit something as a feature request? Having the members of the group know from the ringtone that they are being called as a group would be really handy.


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Marcos Hernandez

You do this on the phone itself, under "Settings>> User Preferences >> Ringtones"



I'm using a SPA502G phone running v7.4.3 code with a UC560 running CME 8.0 and CUE 7.1 (just did the v8 update last week).

If I press the menu button on the phone, I don't have any option called "User Preferences". The closest I have is one called "Settings" (option 3). Under that, there is a selection called option "Ring Type" (option 2). Under Ring Type, I have two selections available: Default Ring and 105 (my extension). This is where I was looking for some way to add the call blast group number or pick it from a list. Am I looking in the wrong place?


I think only button appearances will appear for ringtone settings, so you can make any button assignment ring special, as Marcos indicated.

However, Hunt Groups do appear on buttons configured with CCA.

I will also look further....

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