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Assistance needed with setting up 911 calling


I am in need of assistance with setting up/ensuring that 911 calling is functional at a new warehouse that my company is standing up. We currently have a corporate office and two warehouses for which 911 calling appears to already be set up. However, this was configured before I came into my current role and I therefore have no prior experience with the configuration. Our new warehouse is not in the same state as our current warehouses. Our initial thought is to just have the new warehouse phones be configured with the current warehouse area code/extensions. However, how does this impact if a user calls 911? Would the 911 call be routed to a 911 operator in the general area of the phone number area code?


If the above is true, is there a way to set up 911 calling for the new warehouse without having to use its local area code? Any assistance would be appreciated. 


We are running Call Manager version 9.1.1 (ironic, I know). 

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