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Auto recovering transfered calls



I have deployed an UC500 and my question is about how to recover automatically an already transfered call to the previous extension. For example, an operator transfer a call to a sales person, but the call is not anwered after X seconds, then the call rings back in the operator phone.


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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

We support full consultative transfer and blind transfer. In the case of blind transfer, the call does not recall to the transferring party. The call takes the call forward no answer action specified by the target phone.

But in CCA 3.0, with SWP 8.1.0, we do support call park recall and call hold alert. If the business model was to Park a call and the Page to announce the parked call, if no one retrieves it, it will recall to the destination you specify including the parking station. The call hold is more of an alert function which can be tied to the use case of a shared line as well as a normal line. I like shared lined because everyone has an appearance of the extension on a phone button and can hold resume among themselves. It also has a general delivery mailbox with VMWI. Kind of like a nice key system function on the IPPBX.

If you ever set up an adhoc conference and forget someone on MOH (never complete the conference), you should get a ring back.

The last thing I would mention is if you transfer a call to a hunt group, then you can specify a sequential list of destinations, with yourself as the last, so in effect, the call come back if not answered.

So short answer is no, but wanted to share options.


Hi Steven,

Thanks for you quick answer. Would be nice if Cisco deployed the recall option when transfering calls.

I have a couple of questions more. The first one is about scheduler, I have deployed night service for transfering calls during night hours to another extension, but, is it possible to add another time interval for lunch time?

And the second one is regarding call loggin. Is it possible to review the actual calls and the calls placed by day or any other kind of date format?


NS toggle code any time can be configured and used.

Plz open separate threads for new questions with matching titles.


Hi Antonio:

One additional option to Steven comments would be the CallConnector Operator. When using the SCC Operator and performing a transfer, the call is placed in the Transferred Queue until it is answered. Prior to this it can be recalled manually by the operator.

Mario Garcia


Is this a UC520? If so you can use CLI. On the transferred to ephone-dn you can Use "timeout transfer-recall X" where X is the number of seconds. X just needs to be less then the CFNA timeout.

If this is a UC540 or UC560 then this is not configurable through CCA, and do not recommend using CLI, Cisco SBSC does not support CLI support.


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