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Backlight Brightness

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Level 1

We recently installed the last of our phones and I noticed that the backlighting for it is a lot brighter than ALL the other phones.  I think the other phones used to be this bright at the beginning too.

I also noticed the setting on all the other phones were set to backlight always on.  Do you think this may have caused them to become so dim??  I have left the latest one on 30s backlight timer.  I also tried setting one of the original phones to 30s, and it hasn't fixed it.

Any ideas on how to fix this??  Is there a backlight brightness setting that is hiding from me??

See attached photo for comparison.

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Level 6
Level 6

Yes, this is a known issue whereby the light eventually dims after being set to 'always on'.  There isn't a fix for this.

Newer versions of the phone have a reduction in backlight output to begin with, so it won't dim so dramatically like what you are seeing.

Level 1
Level 1

How did you manage to write "Koziak" on the phone's screen?

I didn't tried it by self as I have no test phone here just now, but I assume:

Select Logo=Text Logo

Text Logo=Koziak


Which section is the Select logo option?

It's on [ Phone ] tab.

But I'm sure you can find it by self even with no advice ...


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