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Hello, is it possible to have "Night Service" trigger "After Hours" so the Auto Attendant uses the Night options?This customer would like the ability to quickly/easily put the system (UC540) into After Hours any time they choose.  Their "open" hours ...

I can't find Japan and Taiwan Language package to download for UC560...se-192-168-80-188# $gpack.uc560.8.6.3.pkg user XXXX password XXXXWARNING:: This command will install the necessary software toWARNING:: complete an add-on install.  It is recommen...

I have new buy UC560 device for cisco.The CUE version is 8.6.3 in ISE module. I can't find CUE 8.6.3 japan language package. So i need to upgrade 8.6.4 or downgrade 8.6.1. But the hardware can't to upgrade or downgrade.se-30-1-1-2# software install c...