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I have recently installed UC320W with 2 FXO and 1 FXS line using Key system. I have used the Line out to connect the Paging.  The issue is that the customer likes to have all their phones ring and paging on the external paging simultaneously when he ...

ppatel101 by Beginner
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Hi All, A few questions about BE3K as below :  1.    What’s the default prefix  for voicemail  in BE3K ?  or how to program prefix for voicemail in BE3K ?In UC500, we can manually program  a prefix number or code  such as “6”  , then dial "6" + exten...

Is there a way to get older model phones to register with BE3000? We currently have quite a few 7940 phones and would like to re-use at least some of them so that we don't have to upgrade all of them at once. We have upgraded BE to 8.6.4 and upgraded...

ejensen01 by Beginner
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I’m in a process of performing a new install of Cisco Unified communication 500 series  UC540 into a new environmentQuestion since I’m receiving 3 digits from Telecom. How do I translate a DID number off the PRI into a 3 digit extension number ?

                   Hello guys!     When quoting a new BE 6000 for a migration from an existing CallManager version 4 and Unity version 4 can the new BE 6000 be ordered by using CUWL (CMBE6K-UWL) or CUWL is only for existing BE 6000 deployments upgrad...

fuhrersk8 by Participant
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