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System consists of the following components:• 1 SPA9000• 1 SPA3102• 16 SPA922 (extensions 101 through 116)Incoming PSTN calls go to a hunt-group (extension 120)Configuration of SPA9000 with SPA3102 as per attached documentProblem (using extensions 10...

Hi,I have a client who is looking for a 135 user telephone system. I know that the Cisco documentation mentions support for up to 138 users but has anyone tried the telephone system with these many users? Please do let me know.Thanks Ajay Wadhwani   ...

Starting with CCA 3.1, the preferred DTMF method is RFC 2833.  For systems starting from factory default, CUE will be reconfigured with rtp-nte and this will be reflected on any dial-peers targeting CUE.  Additionally, existing systems which update t...

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