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Hello.  I am being asked by a customer this:"Can you confirm with Cisco about how an agent can interrupt the queue to take a call?"On the Queue Member's phones it shows that there ARE calls in the queue, but available (agents not on a call) agents ph...

Since the Upgrade to 2.2 I am unable to access any of my SIP providers abbreviated dialing functions.  Example.I previously would access SIP providers by entering a 7, 8, or 9. Because I had setup with SIP provider an abbreviated dialing scheme (simi...

Dean Rose by Level 1
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I updated two systems to the new software today in  hopes of resolving some issues i'm having, and ran into dial plan issues after doing so. I'm posting A) to get comment from the Cisco guys and B) as a warning to other users.Here are my experiences:...

cmonks by Level 1
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