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We have a uc520 running on the latest software with two ap521's on ports 7 and 8 of the uc.   The data clients have no problem at all connecting.  The 7925 wireless phones connect fine but as soon as you move around a few feet, the call will drop.  I...

Hello Everyone,I have a UC560, with a WAN interface on Comcast Cable modem.  The UC560 pulls DHCP from Comcast (the client does not have a static IP with Comcast).  Unfortunately, the Comcast DNS servers are crappy, and we usually put our clients on ...

Hi,we are having a weird problem with the SPA-9000 and voip MS as our provider.Outbound calls are perfect. However on an incoming call after we provided the phone extension to the auto attendant,the inbound call looses inbound voice and then an outbo...

Hello,I have a problem, a customer has buyed a bonus to make outgoing mobile calls, but the telco said me that the bonus will be applied only on the outgoing calls on the first channel of BRI interface, but not in the second. How can this be done?  I...

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