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BE3K Feature Wish List


First off, I would like to say my last post was filled with alot of anger and fustration, and admittedly not as productive to the Cisco dev team, or the BU and for this I apologise, however as a the Senior lead UC specialist of my organisation, and being partly responsible for all projects,  I cant afford to have my junior engineers wasting days on a BE3k project to get the most basic of things going for our clients.  So lets start over........ =)

Moving forward; I dont see many posts here on the Cisco support forums under the BE3k section regarding *improving* the BE3k's functionality and what we (the integrators) would like to see in the next upcoming release cycle.  So I have come up with a few things off the top of my head which I would like to see added ( a wish list if you like ).  Not all may be possible, and not all may apply to all demographic regions, as long as we know if there will be any plans in the future to add such features to the BE3k. 

Ive only worked on the BE3k for a day and consulted with my colleages to compile this list, please feel free to add to it

  • Night Switch, with ability to schedule ON/OFF and also Night Switch indications on handsets (ie receptionist)
  • Hunt Group no answer forwarding to ANY number
  • Blast Group no answer forwarding to ANY number
  • Directed call pickup / Group Pickup of ANY ringing phone/group regardless of membership to hunt groups or blast groups
  • ACD Groups with ability for multiple greetings and multiple music sources for each ACD Queue
  • Pre-Digit voicemail forwarding, like if a user A wants to leave a message for user B, they predigit 6 or 5 in front of the extension and it goes straight to their voicemailbox without ringing on user B's phone
  • Lower the time it takes to do an upgrade
  • Native SIP trunking without the need for CUBE
  • Multiple choice PSTN routes, eg. 1st choice route = SIP, 2nd choice route = ISDN
  • More key types (not just LINE) share keys, monitor keys, silent keys, overlay keys, multicall keys etc etc
  • Feature access codes, ie *26xxx to call forward to number xxx etc..
  • Hotdesking or Extension Mobility, login and out of any phone and make it your own
  • Ability to edit translation rules and define custom routes for different numbers, like pre-digit 9 would use SIP, pre-digit 0 would use ISDN etc..
  • Ability to customise codec types if using SIP trunks and edit SIP parameters such as the SDP headers and packetisation rates..
  • Ability to SKIP the configuration wizard or RESET to go back to the configuration wizard
  • Ability to re-label softkeys, at the moment line1 on users extensions is locked to their Directory name
  • Speed dials, user A wants to dial 3001, 3001 is a shortcut to dial 0412345678, this should not be limited as some clients have over 500 speedials
  • DHCP server, with ability to define scope options like option 150, or ability to lock down to cisco-phone only
  • DSS/BLF monitoring of different line statuses, ie Ringing, Off Hook, DND
  • Ability to add analog gateways VG224 etc.. i dont know if this is already possible
  • Call forward no answer/call forward always, not to be part of a USAGE profile, but to be part of the USERS profile, its not intuitive in its current state

Thats all I can think of for now, I will add more when I consult my Team of engineers.

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What is the current roadmap status?  We just sold one of these systems for a very small company with simple needs and are running into hunt group and shared line issues.  It has been 8 months since the last software update.  Please advise.

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