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Caller ID - Groups

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Hi Members, I have a site with a UC540, this is an experimental site and fictious.

I have setup this system in our training room and ordered its own Lines though a carrier.

The ISDN is through Telstra.

I have setup the Dial Plan for Australia and the ISDN can take incoming and outgoing calls.

However on an Incoming Call it is deleting a Digit from the Caller ID.

IE Called 0408111000 is ringing an indial the display shows 408111000

Also the Indials do not Display the Called ID Name inserted in the Local Directory.

I have setup two Names/Numbers in there and they dont behave.

The BRI is interface Basic NET3/Speech/E1

(Telstra refer me to cisco, Cisco refer me to Telstra)

I can understand Cisco's perspective that it is an international product and many different carriers but seriously carriers should provide Cisco with there setup and there should be a database we can look up the info.

My Indial Range is 0247211800 to 0247211899

I have a 100 Number Indial range for the UC540 and it would only start working once I deleted the Area Code ie dropped 02

IE the full national number is 02472118XX and that would then match up with 800 - 899 Extns.

However it only worked if I made it 472118XX and matched it to 800-899

Ideally I want the indials

0247211800 to goto a Blast Group and Dial 5 Phones

0247211850 to goto  Blast Group and Dial 5 Phones.

I want them ringing with a Caller ID Tag of "Jims Plumbing" when someone calls in 0247211800

and when someone rings 0247211850 "Jims Mowing" displays.

Any experts want to help out a n00b.

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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

It normal thta the zero is dropped. In fact, the zero in most contries indicates Long distance calls, and is not part of the number.

Use a translation rule to prepend the zero for national calls only.

Once you have done that, check if name display starts working.

Is the Rule done via CLI or CCU?

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