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caller-id on SIP Trunks


How can I change the outgoing caller-id on my SIP trunk?  I forget the command and where to do it.  Right now, the name of the phone gets sent out instead of the company name.  I want the company name to go out on all phones.  Thx

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Once you load CCA, go to Telephony, Dial Plan, Outgoing, and you will see where it asks you to configure incoming mappings to the extensions prior to setting up Caller ID for outbound calls.  Click on the Help for a good explanation.



Hi Jeff,

     I've read your answer three times and I don't think it's an answer to the question.  Thanks anyway.

Jeff is correct - please use CCA 2.1 to configure the caller ID in the Outbound Dialplan. If you are looking for the CLI see you added another post on a similar question and will respond there.

Correct for a different question, but not this one unfortunately.  I'm aware of the caller-id number tab in CCA.  What I need is the NAME to be shown when placing a call from a phone through the sip trunk.  As mentioned,  the NAME of the phone shows to the person called and not the company NAME.  This is not an option in CCA, as well, I prefer CLI that why I said command.  Thanks anyway.

If the SP uses the FROM header for the name - below is an example for calling name to be statically set - replace Cisco with whatever you want as the name

lab#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line.  End with CNTL/Z.

lab(config-sip-ua)#calling-info pstn-to-sip from name set Cisco

Thanks for that and that is it.  I also found it here by Marcos -

It was described somewhat differently so maybe that's why I couldn't find it at first.

Thanks for your help.  Two line answer -- I like it!

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