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Cannot create overlay on phone...



Using CCA 225, I am not able to choose a certain extension,201, to overlay on a different phone.

We previously had 201 overlayed on a different phone, but that phone is gone now.

I looked in the CLI for any phone that had 201's DN on overlay with a button assignment, but did not see anything.

Please advise.

Thank you,


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Is 201 already an extension on a phone other than the one you want to create the overlay set with?


Yes it is.  It is also an Octo line.  We had this working when it was a dual-line.  I know that OCTO and overlay do not mix, but I also know that we can add OCTO DN's to other phones...

The wierd thing is that I added that DN to a button on a 7960 in the office here (on LAN) and that worked - rang in both places etc., then went CFNA to my voice mail.  All is good.

Then tried the same thing on another 7960 that is tagged as a remote worker in CCA and is accross the WAN behind an SR520, and it moved my extension 201 to that phone and disabled it on my 7975 - ouch - good thing we did not wri mem.

I just want the 201 to ring on two phones simulanteously one phone on the LAN, one over the WAN behind a SR520, and then go CFNA to my voice mail.

Thank you,


From the perspective of the UC500 it doesn't really know that it's remote or local. The only change when you mark a phone as a teleworker is that it adds a "mtp" under the ephone so all voice calls b/w ip phones registered to the UC500 would go through the UC500 instead directly from phone to phone.

There shouldn't be anything special to create a shared line. As long as extension 201 is a "Share" type instead of normal there shouldn't be a problem adding it to the 7960. I'm thinking that maybe there may be a sequence of events that you're configuring it may possibly cause this. If you can get a recording of the steps that you go through to reproduce this that would greatly help me track this down. I don't know how easy that is, but if not it may be better to call up technical support to get someone live to see what's going on.



Thank you.

I went into CLI and added the 201 line to my 7960 and it "stole" it from the 7975.

What system load version do I need on this UC520 in order to have a line be shared and octal at the same time?

I ask this to verify we have the correct load in place.  CCA sometimes displays functionality that does not yet live in the UC becuase of an older load.



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