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CCA 3.0 and Creating Silent Keys

Level 1
Level 1

Is there a way to create silent keys via CCA 3.0 ? or will this feature be implemented in future releases?

Currently I am only able to create silent keys via command line, by looking up the ephone and matching the button to the ephone-dn.  Then modifying the button config to "b" or "s"

Also CCA creates random ephone tags and ephone-dn tags, which make it very tedious to keep track of which ephones are have associated ephone-dns on the buttons.

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Steven DiStefano
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

1st Question, no.  CCA 3.0 does not support 's' button.

(CCA PM can give forward looking guidance)

Regarding extraneous ephone-DN Tags, this used to be the case prior to CCA 3.0.

A new config started out of the box with CCA 3.0 and the newest SWP doesnt auto ephone register anymore or reserve as it used to.

Upgrading to CCA 3.0 on an existing deployment should thrown a pop up from CCA asking you to allow CCA to turn this off, but it wont remove whats already there.  Hopefully, going forward, you will notice an improvement here.


Level 1
Level 1

I would like to voice my support for adding the Silent Ring option (button type "s") to the CCA.   I'm not sure why it was left out?

If added manually via CLI, will it work as it does in CME on an ISR?



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