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CDR File Accounting failover to primary



I have a UC560 configured with file cdr accounting, it sends the accounting files to an FTP Server and the secondary is the flash memory of the UC560 by default, so when the FTP is not reachable for whatever reason it starts sending the files to the flash, this is working fine, but the problem is when this happens it keeps generating the files in the flash even when the FTP is back up again, is there any way to have the UC560 do an automatic failover to the primary file storage?

This happens like once or twice a month and I have to do the failover manually with the cli command: file-acct reset

config is like this:

gw-accounting file

primary ftp A.B.C.D/Directory username XXXXX password XXXXX

maximum buffer-size  15

maximum retry-count 5

maximum fileclose-timer 60

maximum cdrflush-timer 50

cdr-format compact

UC560 has the 8.2 software pack which includes the uc500-advipservicesk9-mz.151-2.T4  system image.

I hope someone has a solution for doing this failover automatically, thanks in advance.

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This is a very important a basic feature for anyone who, like us, makes billing software!

I'm surprised no one has come up with a solution!


I agree, even though I don't make billing software, I have a customer who has one of these 3rd party software to make the call accounting for this UC560, and it's exhausting for them to keep having the same issue over and over, and it's exhausting for me because I have to do the file-acct reset to do the failover to the primary destination every time, and if there were several files created in the flash I have to copy all those to the ftp server of the billing software so they don't lose those call accounting records in their reports. It would be great if someone has a fix for this.

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