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Centrex line "9" requirement to dial out

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I am setting up a UC320 for small solution with centrex lines, these lines require to dial "9" after you select outgoing line, the system keeps giving errors (voice errors from provider), there is somethig wrong with the dial out plan. When line is selected and "9" is pressed, it should give a second dial tone to start dialing the full number and the UC320 stay silent.

What is the problem and how to fix it?


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Hi Carlos,

Currently our default dial plan does not support the behind Centrex capability you are requesting.  It has been requested before and will be considered for a future feature release but is not possible in the current release.  Can you tell us a bit more about the exact patterns you would be required to dial in this arrangement you are trying to configure.



Hi Jeff,

Basically, we need the ability to setup the UC320 as only Key system mode, select specific trunk line, dial "9" to initiate calling out + the destination phone number, and, in MANY ocasiions being able to dial the following; when Restricted line by provider is enable ; select the trunk line press *82 to unblock number + "9" to dial out, this dialing option is capable in ALL small key systems, and since this unit is intended to launch this market, it is imperative to have this feature with no restrictions on the dialing plan,  connect these lines,

I just experience an issue, where setting up the UC320 as Key system only, eliminate completely the following options:

- the "9" digit to call out

- and the Auto Dial (Speed Dial) to enter the strng of number to call out. i.e. "9" 1310 777-7777 or "9" + *82 (unblock) + 9 again (Centrex scenario) + target number.

Last, I am having trouble synchronizing the clock with the NTP server, the UC320 is setup to work as Voice portion only, NO DATA, NO ROUTING, it is basically behind a router, how can I gain the access to the cloud or server in this case to update clock, if there any other way through the telephone?


Voice (VLAN) default: DHCP server for my phones.

Please help!

Thank you,



Thanks for the input.  I'm sorry but the Key System mode will currently not support sending the 9+ digit strings you require into Centrex but will be considered for a future release.  As for getting time set properly, For simplicity, no configuration on the UC320W is required however, the UC320W is required to have the WAN port connected to a device that provides internet access.   Once you connect your WAN port, you should get the time set automatically.  We recommend using a static IP address for your WAN connection and it should be on a different network segment than your Data LAN.

For more information about the "Voice Only" topology, you might find this reference useful:




Hopefully could be soon, otherwise this system is ideal for a SIP trunk enviroment only.

The time worked pretty well after connecting the WAN port to my LAN.

Also, What is the audio file requirement in order to load up custom/professional

recordings to the UC320 Auto Attendant?

- Is this possible or we can only record locally, or calling into the UC320 remotely?

- If the recording studio company does the full audio/Wave file, can we convert it using any sostware tool to comply with the UC320?

- I heard Cisco does have a tool to convert this type of file.

Please advise.


Hi Carlos,

Glad you got the time working.  Behind Centrex customized dialplan will definitely expand the market reach and is a good candidate for a future release for that reason, but we have lots of customers using FXO only that are not behind Centrex so we think this system is not a Sip trunk only product.  You can have Sip trunk only, FXO trunk only or both.

As for your AA prompts question.  The current release doesn't provide an application to support uploading your customized AA prompts.  You customize prompts by calling the AA prompt recording extension.  This can be done locally or remotely.



Good morning Jeff,

True, only Centrex lines affected.

Many Thanks



Thanks for your feedback on the centrex dialing enhancements.   Your feedback has been captured and added to product enhancement list for the UC320W.


Appreciate the feedback on the 320W.

I went out and grabbed a system with 12 or so sets to run at my home.  On the most recent firmware (2 June 2011).  I find the lack of ability to define a custom dialplan the biggest (and only) deal killer for this otherwise EXCELLENT system.  Second would be lack of more detailed control over the router itself -- similar to the amount of configuration control you have with a typical wireless router, but can get around this.   Along with dialplan the ability to rank routes based on cost and other issues are important.

I find the system excellent based on cost, quality and simplicity.   But would love the flexibility needed around dialplan config.  For example, my POTS lines at home are a combination of US (1-NXX-NXX-XXXX) and UK (020-NXXX-XXXX) via Vonage devices.   Would love to assign "9" to the US pool and "8" to the UK lines.  Similar goes for SIP trunks.

Until Cisco has options for these types of configurations, I'm reverting back to my Nortel BCM50.  As far as customers, I have a number of very high end residential situations that would need similar flexibility as my home (therefore as you can tell, I often use my home as a new product testbed).  My customers really like the Cisco hardphones based upon their product placement, esp those in so cal. 

Best Regards

Dave Sullivan

Newblade Group Ltd

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In a previous post for this thread a statement was made in 2009 regarding dial-plans and Centrex, "It has been requested before and will be considered for a future feature release but is not possible in the current release."

Is it possible to use the UC320W with Centrex lines now?



Hi David,

The UC320W product was launched this year.  Perhaps the reference to 2009 was when a user had joined the Support Forum. 

No, the current release does not support the Centrex dialplan.  It is a priority feature for an upcoming feature release.  The engineering team is working on a solution.



Sounds good.

Is there any chance of allowing a manual entry to the default gateway for the data network?  I'm behind an ASA and I want to point the UC320W to the ASA for the gateway; right now it forces the default-gw to be its own WAN port.

Many thanks for your response,