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Cisco ATA 192 Loudspeaker

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Level 1

Hello everybody,

so Im pretty noobish when it comes to this topic so please bare with me.

My dad recently bought a CISCO ATA 192 in order to integrate our analogue doorbell / speaker system into our IP phone system.

so the bell has a momentary switch which when pressed should start a call to the phone inside the house. I managed to configure the ATA into "hotline" mode vie the dial plan (P0 <:1030>). Also i put the number of our phone 1030 into the emergency number so the ATA will ignore when i let go of the switch and keep calling 1030.

However i could not manage to get the speaker to work. Only when the momentary switch of the bell is pressed I can talk and understand the people inside the house. The moment i let go the speaker and microphone are dead. Is there a way to automatically activate the speaker while the bell is "on hook"?

Thanks to everyone who has suggestions!

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