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Cisco has abandon the UC Small Business Market...IMHO....


So staring in 2014 an SMB who wants a Cisco UC Voice solution (Phone Systems specifically)  must spend about 10K list for the system plus phones and a switch minimum for up to 25 phones....

At those prices Cisco is effectively pricing themselves out of the market for small business.  (under 25 users)

Also Cisco now requires Select partners to have a minimum of 2 people to achieve the level of certification required to sell the BE6000 solution, and if the reseller needs training add 9K…

So for a small shop that could have tech turnover it’s next to impossible to do

And I noticed that Select Partners cannot sell any UC voice solutions except Webex and a limited selection of Telepresence products.

The UC series did the job,  had some issues but for 10-20 users it’s running strong in at least 40 sites I installed, and I know asking a 10 user customer to spend 10-15K plus labor to swap out all the phones is a non starter.

Really frustrated with Cisco support of Small resellers, since the last couple of re-orgs and layoff’s 

I am now finding better traction with Hosted Voip in this market -   so long Cisco…..

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