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Cisco IP Phone 303 - No Dial Tone

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I need help with my new phone. Since I don't have a contract with Cisco, they won't help me with the troubleshooting and there is entirely too much information on their site to figure this out. I simply can't get a dial tone on my phone and need help. It's plugged directly into my router.

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Dan Lukes
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

I assume you mean SPA303 phone. In such case you should move this thread to SPA IP Phones community (use blue [ EDIT ] button on top).

But generally, the SPA303 doesn't provide dial tone if it's not ready to place a call. It needs to be configured accordingly first. If you are just user then ask local phone network administrator to configure phone for you. If you are administrator then follow Administrators Guide.

In the case of further questions you should describe the environment - there is no "one advice that fit all scenarios" response. You even did not specified what kind of VoIP server device your's phone is connected to.


This discussion has been reposted from Small Business Support Service to the SPA IP Phones community.

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Level 1

Hello tmuckleroy1,

Can you provide some additional information about your network to help us troubleshoot your issue? What specific devices are you using?