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Cisco ooma 303 IP phone - no dial tone

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Level 1

I just bought a Cisco soma 303 IP phone for use with my AT&T BGW210 gateway.

I hooked up the phone to an ethernet port on the gateway and have power to the phone.  The instructions only included the physical setup of the phone (power/ ethernet) etc.  The phone does come on with the display showing time/date, etc.  None of the buttons are lit up.

The ethernet on the gateway works with other devices I have with no issues.

When I pickup the phone to make a call there is no dial tone.

The gateway has 3 lights (power/broadband/phone) and all are green.  The phone light flashes when I dial my number (so it appears the AT&T phone service is working through the gateway), but there is no response on the phone.

AT&T told me that any IP phone would work with this gateway.

What do I need to do to get this working?


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Sujoy Paria
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee


I hope you are using SPA303 IP Phone. Please make sure that the IP phone is registered with your VoIP service provider.

In case the phone is not registered the please contact your VoIP server provider to get the username, password and proxy server details to register the IP Phone.

Thanks for trying to help Sujoy, but this never did work even after my VOIP service provider said they registered the phone. Need to return the phone.


Sorry for the inconvenience you are facing. In case you are able to see the IP Phone extension is registered then it should work properly provided your provider configured the required parameters accordingly.


Please open a service request with us following the below mentioned link so that we can analyze the issue…

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