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Cisco SPA IP Phones 525G2 showing wrong caller name

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we have custmer using CISCO SPA 525G2 - 7.5.1a version running on Broadworks Platform. Customer getting wrong destination names shown on phones screen when they are dialing internal extension.

Scenario :

Tim Scrivens on extension 170.

Tim Bucknall on extension 158

Ann Brown on extension 155.

When extension 170 dials extension 158 , phone display on 170 shows it dailling extension 158 with "Ann Brown"  but rings correct extension 158.

This happens even when user on 170 dials full DDI of 158.

From SIP messages , we can see that phone is sending out wrong information even though Broadworks Platform feeding right information back .

Could you please advise , how to resolve this issue . Please let us know if you need any more information.


Arun Bonela

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Please i need help on how to add SPA525G on UC....

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Try the following.

1. have the latest sw installed which is now 7.5.5.

2. if there's any personal directory in th phone, clear that out.   Maybe the personal directory contains the extension number with the incorrect name, so that would be displayed.


We have checked the phone, there is no personal directory on the phone. we even factory restted the phone and re-registered it on Broadworks , still no joy.

Can you confirm, if this is a bug on current version of the phone 7.5.1a; is that why you are asking us to upgrade to latest version.



Sorry for digging up such an old post, however, this behaviour is still present when using the 7.5.5 firmware.


In a similar fashion to what Arun describes, the user dials 6215 to call Yasemin but the handset displays they are calling Samantha:

To: "Samantha Spicer  -  Yasemin Yi" <>


Is this a known issue that will be addressed in a future firmware?

Just came across this but I have seen this issue on the SPA525G2 as well on firmware 7.4.8 and 7.5.5.

Overall what I've learned is that Cisco phones are extremely buggy and good luck getting any sort of resolution. Since we don't sell a Cisco backend, I've stopped recommending their phones.


I have been resetting the phones when this happens and it solves it for a short period of time. I am under the impression that it might help to add a record to their address book on the phone and that maybe that won't allow it to send the wrong information. I am not entire 100% sure that works yet.



Please i need help on how to add SPA525G on UC....

You should start new thread for new issue.


I worked along with Cisco Engineer on this issue and found a solution .

Please try below on the configuration file or phone GUI

You can set the SIP->Caller ID Header to “RPID-FROM” to ignore PAID. 

And Reboot the phone.

It will fix the issue




Arun Bonela