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Cisco SPA504G continues to disconnect (Radius Auth and HP Switches)

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Hey Cisco Community,

We recently exchanged our old PABX with a hosted solution instead. We have 2 locations where we use these phones and while the one location is running quite smoothly the other location is a bit more flaky. We know that the port authentication is causing this, but we don't know why and there doesn't seem to be a pattern. I'll try to describe how our setup works and maybe you guys can give me some ideas on what to do.

We recieved a 2nd internet connection which our phones need to connect to. Therefore we set up a specific VLAN which forwards traffic to the new router. We have a policy in Microsoft NPS that allows the MAC ranges of the phones. This is to not be placed in our unauthenticated network segment. The VLAN's are set manually on each phone in order for them to get an IP via DHCP on our dedicated VoIP router.

The phones seem to disconnect when they need to be reauthenticated by our switches. When you first set up the phone there are no issues with authenticating, getting the right IP or usage of the phone.

We have tried changing the time between reauthentications, but that's pretty much all we can do.

I hope someone has any ideas of what could be causing this. If you need switch configurations or anything just let me know.

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