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Cisco SPA504g SIP Set up


I hope someone can help me.

I have recently ordered VOIP lines from my telephone service provider and they have provided me with SIP details in order to set up our Cisco phones.

They have provided me with the following bits of information


SIP password


Alt Domain

Outbound Proxy

IP address

I have attempted to set up the phones using these details through the LAN IP of the phone and I am unable to configure the phone correctly to get it working.

I would appreciate any help with getting the phones set up correctly.

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Hi Sergio,

A couple years ago I wrote the following blog article on how to configure the SPA504G from scratch (using CallCentric as the example VoIP provider for configuration).

You may find this article useful in configuring your phone.

Sometimes there are minor differences of how to configure from one VoIP provider to another. So, it may be helpful to know who your VoIP provider is that you are configuring it with. 

For example, CallCentric requires the additional configuration of Auth ID as well as UserName.  But, your VSP appears to not use that info for registration (some providers require this; some don't).  In the case of CallCentric, Domain, Alt Domain, and Outbound Proxy would all use  the same entry;  i.e.  In this case, no IP address is required, just the domain/proxy names (IP addresses are looked-up using DNS lookup).   So, again it just depends on your VSP as to whether they accept domain/proxy names, or an explicit IP address.  Also, Callcentric requires the setting "Use DNS SRV" be set to "YES".  But, not many VSP's require this setting.  So, this may not apply to your VSP settings. (they would specify, if required).

If you still have problems, more detailed information about your VSP, your LAN, and your Router may be needed.

Best regards,

Jeff -