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Cisco UC320W and Cisco SRP527W

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I have been having issues with routers and ADSL Modems for some time with the UC320,

Some of which I have Tried

Draytek VIgor 120

Draytek Vigor 2600

Zyxel P660

Netgear DS834Gv3, DS834Gv4, DS834Gv5

Linksys WAG354G

Only some of which I have tried, but all have issues with the UC320.

The Draytek 120, suffer from poor audio quality and when more than two people are on the line and one hangs up it results in the audio dropping off for a few seconds on the other call.

the 2500, not much better

the Zyxel Works for about a week and then stops and when you power cycle the router and the connection comes back the uc320w registers the sip trunks twice and stops anyone taking an incomming call. (as soon as you pick up the call is dropped)

The Netgear's & the Linksys are the same as the Zyxel.

So I called the Cisco Support Line and asked them what Router do you recommend for the UC320, to conenct it to a UK ADSL Service. reply the Cisco SRP527W so off I went and ordered it next day delivery.

I got it thismorning and spend about 20 minutes following the Cisco SRP527W to UC320 config Document with no luck so then just to make sure I am not doing anything silly I call Robert at Cisco is the States, nice helpful guy and he tried and tried but to no avail, turns out the SRP527w only supports pppoe in Brigged mode and not pppoa. for example, Oh Robert by the way needs a medal!! after a four yeap 4 hour call

UC320w(pppoe)------>Cisco SRP527(BriggedMode)------->ISP(pppoa)

the Draytek supports this but not the SRP which they recommend to me... So I am back to the start again.

Cisco,  Please Please Please...... release a firmware update for the SRP to support PPPoA in Briged mode or EVEN BETTER! Make a ADSL version of the UC320W for the UK and Aus Market.

I currently have a SR for the Call forwarding Issue (Would be GREAT if somone could call me or e-mail on monday with an update.)

Ok thats my moan over...

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Stephen Wyndham
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I've been reading up on the UC320W regarding recommended routers, but am left wondering at the Cisco roadmap. I can't understand why Cisco recommend a router that has much of the base functions of the UC320W. Sure the UC320 has PABX functions and supports more lines but the router they recommend has wireless and VOIP capabilities as well.

Why not have a router that just does routing or build more advanced routing into the UC320W. It would be good if a Cisco rep could explain the apparent duplication of services as it seems confusing to me.

Hi Stephen,

We've used the SRP a couple of times with good effect, PPPOA works a treat, you just have to change the set up (quick set up/WAN set up/change the encapsulation drop down and the rest of the authentication page appears after selecting pppoa.

It's a nice little router Hope this helps.



Hi Phil / Stephen

Thanks for the responce, although the router has PPPoA Mode it doesn't support PPPoA in Bridged Mode as recommended by Cisco or using the UC320. Bridged Mode allows the router to act more as a ADSL Modem passing it's public IP address directly to the UC320. thus removing the Double Nat Issue.

Just a quick update the dropping audio was due to an issues with the uc320 that cisco is currently working on, this only happens when the cisco uc320 proforms a dns lookup were the sip trunks are using dns redundancy / failover

Hi All,

Apologies for the very late response to this thread.  It is possible to set up the SRP527 in bridged mode for UK services (I've used the same successfully for bridging a UC500 PPPoE connection to BT DSL in the past).

There is a guide for how to configure the device here:

For these instructions, you don't necessarily have to create a new VLAN for the UC320 port.

Hope that helps,


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Hi Andy

Thanks for the post I am interested to have a look at the doc can you repost the link?

When we got the router it only supported pppoe in bridged mode and not pppoa which was a pain Iam now using a uc540 and a draytek vigor 120 to bridge pppoe to pppoa in the Ethernet port a lot eager to configure and it works! Lol



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