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Cisco UC5xx 8.6 Support for 99xx SIP phones using CCA 3.2.1

Hi Friends,

I was looking through posts here in the SMB commuity, the SWP 8.6 for UC5xx, the RN for CCA 3.2.1, and the OLH for CCA 3.2.1, and found a nice thread that will help anyone wanting to get a 9951 or 9971 SIP phone to operate on the UC5xx after upgrade to the Cisco IOS {15.1(4)M4} bringing CME 8.6 to Telephony Services and selection of the SIP 9-2-2 phone loads (included in the SWP) for 99xx.

My only inquiry for Cisco to check, would be why isnt this documented in the release notes,

since CCA doesnt seem to add the 'load 99xx sip99xx.9-2-2' statement, the 'tftp-path flash:', followed by the 'create profile' under VOICE REGISTER GLOBAL?

If it is supposed to work, then I would alert you that it did not.  After Upgrading CCA to 3.2.1 and then upgrading the UC5xx to SWP 8.6, the adminisrtrator manually adds the 99xx phone by entering MAC and Type under Configure> Telephony> Users/Extensions> Users and Phones: ADD button.  Nothing special, just a normal extension on one button, Video Enabled, and a VM box created.  This allows the phone to register just fine, but it doesnt automatically upgrade to 9-2-2 due to the missing bold commands above.

I think if this were a known defect, it would have been documented in the RNs, so I raise it to your attention.

Which operation should have added these commands?

Can you let us know if this is an anomaly or if everyone will encounter this?

Thanks kindly,


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I had to manually add everything and it worked fine. The only issue is the 9951's time is off (another thread here), but everything else works (with a lot of manual entries) even video.

Bob James

To get TZ:

Conf t

voice register global

timzone x

create profile



Then reset the phone.

Yeah uh beleive me Steven, I have tried everything and every location to get these phones working and nothing did. Other people have the same issue (thread here somewhere) luckily mine are only out 1 hour others are out many hours.


Bob James

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