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Click to Dial - Smart Call Connector Toolbar - SCC


UC540W, Outlook 2007.

When I click to dial in Outlook 2007, it never adds the access code of 9.  However, when I right click on the contact and click Call Contact, it adds the access code of 9.  I've setup the dialing rules correctly in the Control Panel.

So, in order for me to get the call out I have to add the 9 -- which isn't click to  dial. 

Any suggestons?  I can't believe it doesn't add the access code

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Alberto Montilla
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Dear Sir;

Did you follow

On the dialing options screen (last on the app note), you can configure the line options to add 9

Let me know if it does the trick.


Yes I followed the doc.

Again, it works if I choose the Call Contact (it adds the 9), but does not work when I click on the Contact, the Work Number gets populated on the Toolbar, then I click Dial.  It just says "Please enter a number to dial".  I then add the 9 and it dials.

Did you actually try it and it works or are you just assuming it should work?


Dear Sir;

You need to use the embedded outlook modem function (call contact) for automatically adding the 9. The toolbar product does not offer the ability to manipulate dial plan. The advanced client does. The workaround is to use the outlook call contact function.

(And yes, I have tried it many times as I used to be the Product Manager for the Smart CallConnector Suite )


I emailed the CallConnector Team about this and they said there are no plans to support the dial plan and I would have to use the UCC client.  I have the UCC client and it works, which is why I was surprised the SCC Toolbar did not work. It's missing the Dial Plan Tab.  So, it looks like they confirm what you say as well.

It's not clear that adding the access code to the toolbar is necessary.  That part should be bold and repeated several times.  It's a huge shortcoming and a common sense functionality.  I'm glad it's there using the Call Contact, but I would only use that if, say, I wanted to select another number of the contact -- perhaps their mobile phone.  Most users would click the contact and expect to be able to dial out right away.  It's seems a little strange to me not to put in the functionality of the dial plan so that I can actually click-to-dial. 

Right now, a user has to click, move their mouse to the toolbar, add the access code, then click dial.  So it's not really click-to-dial.  Again, I just think it's a huge shortcoming for the product -- free or not.  I mean, who designs this with the intension of making the user put in the access code.  You would think the product would be released with its funtionality in mind: Click-to-Dial.  Surley the product designers didn't ask a user to try it.  It's painful to try and explain to a user to add the access code.  Not good enough in my opinion.  It's just plainly ridicuolous to omit it.

Thanks for your comments.

Dear Sir;

Let me try to highlight some difference on the product terminology.

The UCC personal client, equates in functionality and price to the SCC Advanced Client (for UC540/60 need to use SCC and not UCC). The SCC advanced client let you modify the dial plan (you need to have the server with the advanced client).

I understand your comments about the tool, and will get it back to the product managers.


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