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CME / UC500 - Users accidentally placing paging DN on hold and crashing phones.


We have a customer that has some users who from time to time will accidentally put the paging DN on hold rather than just hanging up after a page.  The end result is that the multicast music on hold is played on all the phones via a multicast page, and well, the phones just crash.  Is there a way to prevent a user from placing a paging call on hold?  Or is there a way to disconnect the call immediately if it is ever placed on hold?  In another thread it was suggested that it might be possible to limit the amount of time the call could be active, but the solution only applied to a physical voice-port.

Thank you!

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paolo bevilacqua
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Update system software and phone firmware, because no matter what, phones are not supposed to crash.

Thanks for the suggestion.  We have discovered that the only phones that crash are the SPA514 phones.  The 504 and 508 phones stay up fine.  We are on the latest UC500 software pack and have upgraded the 514 to the latest firmware to date.  This is a newer phone model so the firmware isn't as mature and there's probably a bug.  We can replicate the problem by loading the phone up with a few calls and then intercoming the phone.

Even if the crashing problem is resolved can anyone think of a way to lessen the impact?  A thought I had earlier was to put a hold-alert on the paging DN set to the lowest possible interval so that the user will be alerted if they do this.

You can disable MoH for internal calls.

Anyway the discussion belongs to "small business voice - phones", or UC500 forum. You can move your post using the actions panel on the right.

Also, you should open a case with Cisco and ask for a firmware fix.


I had the music-on-hold problem, too, and it seemed to be fixed by simply adding a "moh out-call 000" line to my paging dn to shut off music on hold.  I don't have the phone crashing, problem, though...

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