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Configuring DTMF on soft keys or Line Keys - SPA5xx IP phone



I’ve just purchased over a 100 of the Cisco SPA504g IP phones for the office. I was under the impression that programmable soft keys would be able to perform a sequenced DTMF string while in a call like other IP Phone manufactures do. But I am now thinking I could have been wrong.

I really need this function as my IP PBX system listens to DTMF to perform functions such as call transfer, e.g. Dial (dtmf) *11

I’ve been trying to figure a way of doing this but it seems the SPA504g soft key buttons can only be configured for Speed dials and XML functions.

Does anyone know if it’s possible to get a soft key button to work as a DTMF tone while in a call?

Would really appreciate a solution.

Many thanks


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Hi Cisco guys

Still trying to desperately find a solution or a workaround for this matter.Does anyone know if there is something I can do in XML to play DTMF tones whilein a call?

Hi Arif Gul,

did U even find out if the Cisco Phones can send DTMF in a call with a shortkey??

I have the same problems and out of all my other posts on this forum, I know I don't
have to ask a cisco emplojee... They want to know everything but never have an answer...

If U switched to an other brand telephones, I'm also very curious which brand and type!?

Kind regards,


This can be done with the Speed Dial function.  You will need to enable the Custom PSK key option on the phone. To do this, follow the instructions on page 65 of the administration guide.  You can find it here:

Your function would look something like this.


As a side note, the phone is, by default, able to perform the transfer, blind transfer, and hold functions.  You may just need to change the vertical service activation (star code) on the phone.  This is done via the phone's web gui or with a configuration file.

Hi Brad

Thank you for your reply.

i followed your instructions before and found speed dial really do the trick.


it has to work while being connected in a call. If I press a soft key I want it to be able send DTMF (beep beep beep).

Any idea how i can achieve this?

Hi Ed

Yes you're right about cisco guys. it took them over 1 and half years to reply and only replied because you replied to my post with a question. So i thank you for that as for me it’s still an important pending question.

They have posted a reply but this was something i had already tried and failed to send DTMF sounds/signals.

The phones which are able to do this function without a sweat are all snom and aastra. i really hope the cisco phones can do it to. 

Ok, that shouldn't be a problem.  What is the * code for you PBX to be able to do that?  All you should have to do is configure it like above, and press it during the call.

Hi Brad

I put the following:




But the phone did not send any DTMF out.

Ideally if i am connect in a call and push the soft key i should be able to hear the beeps on the other end of the call.


try this instead:  fnc=sd;sub=*00@$PROXY;nme=Park.  Note dollar sign at the beginning of proxy, not the end.

Just replace the "*00" with whatever the park code from your asterisk server is supposed to be.

Hi Brad

Could you help me with this or is it simply just not possible to get DTMF working during a connected call with a programmable softkey on a cisco 5xx ip phones?

please adivse

Many thanks


I have similar issue - i try to send DTMF from SPA504 on call (*2 in asterisk) for Attended Call Transfer with no luck.

Anyone can help?

Hi, some news about this? I have the same problem.

There has been some progress in the past, although it solve part of problems only. Read Release Notes for Cisco Small Business SPA5XX and SPA30X IP Phones Firmware Version 7.5.1a for more info.

it does not work...

Even if you can reconfigure the softswitch not to require DTMF, it is not possible to claim "use vid of foreground call" in fnc=sd definition. It is no issue as long as you are using one switch only.

If you are registered to more than one switch, the PSK (or Line) key will initiate bXfer against switch specified by vid= parameter (vid=1 as default). If the current (foreground) call is not related to such switch, the bXfer request will fail.



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