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Confused about Speed Dial options


Hi all,

In Japan it's pretty universal for small businesses to have a global speed-dial where every phone in the company has the same list of speed dial numbers.  I want to set that up for my client but I'm confused about how to do it.  What I finally did was just added the same speed-dial lines to each ephone (using the CLI) which sort-of works, but it has drawbacks:

1. It's a pain to maintain since every time a number changes I have to do it in every ephone.

2. I can only get their phones (504G) to reliably dial the first 12 numbers.  Speed dial 13 doesn't work at all and speed dial 14 just dials #1 instead

3. It doesn't work on their SIP conference phone

4. I have heard complaints about how long it takes for AbbrDial to actually start dialing.

So, is there any better way of doing speed dials that can be entered by the keypad (rather than choosing out of a directory) that is the same on every phone across the system?



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paolo bevilacqua
Hall of Fame
Hall of Fame

Yes, bulk-list speed-dials. You can look up this feature in the CME Administrator Guide.

I don't know, and cannot comment, if it is doable with GUI or CCA.

Thanks!  That did the trick!  Now, it's a slightly different topic, but is there any way to make the phone not wait for any more digits as soon as it matches the pattern of the speed dial?  (#1xx)

There is few ways:

1. dial on-hook. The cellphone analogy usually works well to train users .

2  dial # at the end of the number

3 shorten the interdigits timeout under telephony-service.

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