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Discovering devices under the ESW 540 switch


I have the ESW 540 under the UC520 and i was wondering if i could view all the devices under the switch in the CCA 2.0.1 Topology View. How can i achieve this, if possible?

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Steven Smith
Rising star
Rising star

In the topology view, right click on the switch and click add to community.  That should do it.

I did that and i got this error in the event window:

Description: UC500 VLAN Settings are not synchronized across the following devices:
UCGBW, ESW-540-24P

Recommendation: Click 'Resolve' to open the 'UC500 VLAN Settings'
window and resolve this conflict

When i click the resolve option, it shows the following:

vlan id                       Conflict                    Resolution Action

   2                         Does Not Exist          Select Option: Delete

                                                                                    Create vlan002

Any ideas?

Sounds like VLAN 2 is missing from the switch.  If you click resolve, it should add vlan 2 to the switch and everything will be fine.  You should be able to see the topology after that.  You might be able to see it now.

Quick Question... if i select the option to add vlan2, how would this impact the business? I do not want the clients to lose connection or have any down time.

I already see the devices under the s/w at this time.

This should not effect connectivity at all to make this fix.

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